Breaking the Bat! (What to do about injuries)

breaking the bat

I have talked a little bit about how I do things on ship, and up until this point (4 months into my plan) I have been without a hitch.  Everything worked just fine!   Until now.

That’s right folks, it seems that Bane snuck up on the Dark Knight and got me…ok, maybe not a super-villain, but I did get injured.  My shoulders are wearing out, my knee is starting to cause some issues, and the most painful of them all…I fell out of my bed, and hyper-extended the tendons on the top of my big toe.   Is it serious?  No.  But a Football star that get’s “Turf Toe” sits out for a few games.  Basket ball stars that jam their fingers are out for a few weeks…The medical staff on board the ship want me to take two weeks off of my insanity…well, my girl Sweet Brown has something to say about that!


So what did I do?  Yep.  Took two days off, waited until I could bend my toe without too much pain (it’s still pretty dark purple in color) and rowed 10k last night!  The medical staff got me to agree not to run on it or do burpees for at least a week…I can accept that, especially since I tried to do burpees last night and it still hurt a little bit.

So what do we do with injuries?  Do we follow the doctor’s advice?  Do we ignore the pain and push?

Here are my actions.
For my shoulder:  KT Tape.  I don’t know how everyone feels about putting tape all over their body, but I think it makes me look like a bad-ass!  Seriously, to me it screams, “I train so freaking hard I need to be held together with duct tape!”   If you have never used KT tape, I suggest giving it a try.  I usually apply it to my shoulder when I know that I have a pretty intense session of Kettlebells, pull-ups, and anything involving pushing weight over my head (Thrusters, overhead squats, Clean and Jerks).  This stuff comes in great colors and patterns, so you can look as bad-ass,  or (for the ladies) as pretty as you want.  And the uses are limitless!  Just google how to apply it to parts that are not listed in the instructions it comes with.

For my knee:  I picked up a cheap neoprene brace from Wal-mart, it works, but  isn’t the greatest thing.  There are all kinds of braces that you can use, I have seen them that have a bar that supports the knee cap and keeps it in place while you are doing your thing.  Recently, I read an article on the CrossFit Journal that was talking about squats being therapeutic for your knees.  Air squats that is, don’t load a bar with 300 lbs and think that is going to feel great!  (it won’t, i promise).  But getting a full range of motion during a squat (butt to ankles) isn’t going to hurt you.  If a doctor or “fitness guru” tells you that squats are horrible for your knees, and not to do them, ask them how you are supposed to get up off the toilet.  Because it’s the same action…seriously, I asked that of one of the doctors on ship when he told me to stop squatting.  I could see his brain working overtime as he processed that thought.

For my toe: As I said, I elevated it, took the Motrin that they gave me to keep the swelling down, and two days later quoted the coolest line from a movie ever!


Yep…I continued with my retarded workouts.  I refuse to give up on doing the insane, in front of those “normal” people.  I love the feeling that I get when people come up and say, “Aren’t you that guy that does that crazy stuff with a Kettlebell…on the treadmill…”   Yes, yes I am.

To sum up my level of medical care, I tape it, take motrin to keep the swelling down, drink lots of water, elevate, and grab a big straw and SUCK IT UP!  That’s right folks, Batman got a few bruises running across rooftops and having awesome fist fights with baddies!  If he can take it and keep moving, then so can I!  That’s not to say that I don’t go in and see the doctor, I get everything checked out…and if it is minor, I push on, because let’s face it….scars are awesome!

So what are my plans for goals, now that the Spartan Warrior Workout program is complete?  Well, the wife has signed her and the boys up for a 5k that goes to support the wounded warriors.  And once I get home, we are all running a 5k Color run…(I love these runs, the boys get to dress up all silly, the wife loves them because we get to spend time together, and I love to leave colored hand prints on her rear…yep, I love my wife…she really is the only person that can put up with me).

I am also training for next year, starting January 1st, I am in the hunt for the Spartan Race Trifecta.  I really think that I can take these races and do very well!  (I just have to make sure to avoid injury)  They are brutal, but any one that aspires to be the Bat…can do anything!

Now onto the coolest piece of business, EVER!!!!

People have asked me and my wife, “Where did you guys get those great SOCKS?”   YES, my SOCKS!!!!!  You can’t help but notice them when I am home and doing a workout.  So, I am proud to announce that I am in the process of becoming an affliliate of The Sox Box!  (I will post a link for them, when I get my affiliate authorization)  I will be posting a picture of a pair every week!  Please, I ask that if you are going to buy some of these bad boys (and girls) that you use my links, because the money I make from it will go to upgrading the blog!  That’s right!  I will be using most of the proceeds to upgrade, and do cool things for the blog!  (maybe a give-away?)

And as always, (I need to remember to mention my sponsors), Please visit Isagenix (  for all of your nutritional and supplement needs!  Especially those awesome E-shots!  Seriously, check them out.  Sign up for the cleanse and I promise that you won’t be disappointed.  Your body (and the start of your own personal fitness journey) will thank you for the kickstart!

Well, that’s all I got for now, my friends!  As always, stay safe, be careful, and TRAIN HARD!

“The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago…the second best time is right now.”


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